Finpo can be the perfect choice for quick-turn pcb making including FR4, Flex, FPC , Aluminum , and Rigid-Flex. Finpo also has online quotation ready for instant quote.

PCB Tutorial

Multilayer option image
Fill in the part number and design revision for future reference. Please be aware the quantity you choose will be panel, not piece. For example, if one piece is very small and probably half or 1/3 of the panel size, and you have your own array as one panel with 2 or 3 pieces in it. Then the MOQ is 5 panels, and then you will get 10 or 15 pieces for the choice of 5 panels.
Multilayer option image
PCB panel size cannot exceeds 550mm per side. As for the thickness, please choose the ones we have that are the closest to your specs. For instance, select 1.6mm if yours is 1.5mm. On the other hand, select 1.0mm if yours is 1.2mm. All the detailed specs will be double-checked by our representatives in case your selection is not exactly what it says on your gerber file.
Multilayer option image
If your printed circuit board is multi-layer, then you are required to fill both inner and outer copper thickness. As for the minimum trace width/space, we have the initial setting for each combination. If you require a different setting, please check step 4 for help finding out the limit for each material or layer. For the # of drilled holes, we do not set the maximum, but a few thousand holes would be considered a lot. When your BGA Pitch> 12 mil, the cost is free. Please finish the first 5 steps and get a quote, then choose the country/region to get the shipping cost.
Multilayer option image
Please check the boxes and have the gerber file attached. It is not a must, but we appreciate if your gerber file is not just a pdf document with a basic layout. Please zip it before uploading for everyone’s convenience.
Multilayer option image
At here, please double check with all the specs you just chose for your pcb board, if there is no mistake with the specs and price, please fill in the company information and shipping information. If you are the first time customer, please come up with a set of password for future reference, your email address will be used as your account name for login next time. On the bottom of the page, if there is any special requirement that you’d like to mention before we transfer you to the payment page. Please write it down here. Both company and shipping information can be edited if you wish to change them for the next order at the My Account page.
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Please log in your Paypal account if you have one, or else please register first and move on to the payment.
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If you don't have a paypal account, you can still pay via credit card as Visa or Mastercard via Paypal's service. While you fill out the forms for the visa information, paypal will save those information and create an account for future reference.
PCB Board Tutorial Image
At this page, after you logged in your account, it shows your account information. Please presss Pay Now if you are ready to make the payment.
Printed Circuit Board Tutorial Image
Now, the payment is made. It is very important that you click on “ Return to Finpo website” after you completed the payment. By clicking on that link, it will lead you back to Finpo website. The purchase can be only completed if you click on it. There might be some errors occurred if you just close the browser halfway through. It might lead to some data loss.
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You can either click on the link or wait 10 seconds ,and it will automatically move to Finpo website. It will link you straight to the E-receipt.
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This is your E-receipt. A copy of this will send to your registered email shortly. Please print this out for future reference. If you have any further questions, please don’t feel hesitate to contact us immediately.


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