Finpo can be the perfect choice for quick-turn pcb making including FR4, Flex, FPC , Aluminum , and Rigid-Flex. Finpo also has online quotation ready for instant quote.

Printed Circuit Board FAQ

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What is the minimum quantity of PCB boards per order?

5 panels

What if my pcb board falls outside of the specification?

No problem. All you have to do is just contact our sales team by leaving your specs and gerber file in the message box, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Whose account do I use for the shipping service?

Our intent is to always ship via the carrier we choose and to use our shipping account number. We normally go by DHL, however, other shipment method may be arranged via e-mail request.

Is it going to be FOB?

Yes, we normally use FOB unless there is some special requirement.

How do you ensure the quality?

We make sure the process is strictly controlled under ISO9001:2008. Plus, we have extensive use of software in managing the production process.

After Order

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What if the printed circuit board production cannot meet its expectation date?

If the responsibility is on our side, we will take full responsibility and refund the total payment back to you.

What if some of the PCBs are damaged?

If the boards are damaged during the production or the number of pieces are missing, we will replace them all. As long as the responsibility is on us, we will fix it and have it delivered once again.

What is the lead-time?

Multilayer PCBs have differing lead times. It normally takes about 3 business days for 2-layer boards, and 5 business days for 4-layer boards. However, we specialize in quick-turn prototyping. That means we can shorten your lead-time down to 1 day from 3 days with an extra charge applied.

What if I want to cancel the order? Do I get refund?

If you cancel your order before the confirmation is sent to you, we offer a full refund minus a non-refundable fifty dollars surcharge fee. For instance, if your order is $200 US dollars, your refund will be $150 US dollars. Another example, if your order is $120 US dollars, your refund will be $70 US dollars.

Is it possible to cancel the order after the confirmation is sent out?

If the difference of initial and final quote is greater than 20%, and customers do not wish to go on with the order, Finpo will refund you the payment except for a non-refundable $50 US dollars surcharge fee.

What if the final quote is 19% more of its initial quote, and I haven't had a chance to pay for the rest as I am off-duty for the next few days?

If the final quote is 19% more, and you are away on vacation, we will still have your order produced under our agreement, and deliver it on the day when we received the rest of the payment. If the lead-time is 5 days, and you paid the rest on the 3rd day, then the shipping will not be influenced. If the lead-time is 5 days, and you pay on the 7th day, which is 2 days after the estimated lead-time, then we can only ship out your purchase the next day after we received the last part of the payment. It will be 2 or 3 days later than the estimated lead-time.

Quality Control Inspection

We emphasizes on providing the best solution as well as the quality guarantee. Quality Control Inspection system before products are submitted out of factory to ensure the high quality offers.

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What kind of engineering service can be provided after place the order?

Raise EQ wodthin 24 hours width all doubts and confusions. Replacement of material and re-calculate on the stack-up.

Can you do the impedance control checking?

Yes, when there is a impedance control request, we will perform impedance control report aka time domain reflectometer , to show controlled impedance matching.

What’s the cross sectional view for a plated hole?


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