Finpo can be the perfect choice for quick-turn pcb making including FR4, Flex, FPC , Aluminum , and Rigid-Flex. Finpo also has online quotation ready for instant quote.

PCB Board Service Terms

1.This document is between the customer and Finpo Electronic. These terms and conditions apply exclusively to the supply of printed circuit boards to customers design

2.This contract shall be governed by the laws of Taiwan. Finpo Electronic and the Customer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Taiwanese courts.

3.At all times and in all circumstances Finpo Electronic's liability shall be limited to the cost of the goods ordered by customer as defined by the order acknowledgement supplied by Finpo Electronic to the customer.

4.Finpo Electronic's sole obligation and liability for product defects shall be, at Finpo Electronic’s option, to replace such defective product or refund to customer the amount paid by customer therefore. Customer undertakes that customer is the owner of the intellectual property of designs provided to Finpo Electronic for the purposes of manufacturer or that customer is entitled to use any intellectual property contained in designs supplied to Finpo Electronic. Customer indemnifies Finpo Electronic from any claim for intellectual property infringement arising from Finpo Electronic manufacturing products based on the designs provided by customer.

5.Finpo Electronic undertakes to use designs supplied by customer only for the purpose of manufacturing products ordered by customer, or to use as material evidence of improper design in the event of dispute arising from alleged quality defects arising from manufactured products Finpo Electronic has supplied to customer or goods that have been partly manufactured but cannot be completed as a result of defects in the information supplied.

6.Quotes/Prices for online instant-quote pricing we make all efforts to offer accurate but reserve the right to cancel or stop any order that the final estimated price has more than 20% of difference. Customers have to agree on paying for extra expenses if the final quote has less than 20% of difference. Online instant-quote prices only offer the currency in US dollars. Finpo Electronic have the right to refuse any orders with incorrect prices. Finpo Electronic will inform you when refuse the orders with error prices

7.If the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond Finpo Electronic's reasonable control, Finpo Electronic shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform, any of Finpo Electronic 's obligations in relation to the Goods.

8.Finpo Electronic reserves the right at any time to assign the rights and/or obligations under this agreement to any company, firm or person whatsoever, provided that such assignment will not serve to vary the customers’ rights under this agreement.

9.Finpo Electronic reserves the right to refute its obligations under an order placed by customer at its sole discretion. Finpo Electronic will not use this right unreasonably. If the reason Finpo Electronic refutes its obligations is a failure of customer to comply with its obligations, Finpo Electronic shall not be required to make a refund. Otherwise, Finpo Electronic shall make a refund to customer of any monies paid with deduction of a non-refundable fifty US dollars surcharge fee. Customer shall not be entitled to cancel an order placed on Finpo Electronic after the confirmation notification is sent.

10.Payment is due from customer to Finpo Electronic before an order is deemed to have been placed. All amounts due from the Customer to Finpo Electronic shall be paid in full without any deduction or set-off. It is possible to cancel the order and have the refund back with deduction of a non-refundable fifty US dollars surcharge fee, if all actions are done before the confirmation notification is sent off to the customers. After the confirmation notification is sent, customers have no rights to cancel the order unless the final quote exceeds the 20% range of differences. Then, Finpo Electronic shall terminate the order and refund customer’s purchase with a non-refundable fifty US dollars surcharge fee applied.

11.Finpo Electronic will provide a reasonable estimate of the delivery date to customer when Finpo Electronic provides an Order Acknowledgement. Be noticed that Finpo Electronic can only guarantee the lead time, but not the delivery time. Finpo Electronic shall take reasonable steps to meet the delivery estimate; however, circumstances beyond the control of Finpo Electronic can cause additional unexpected delays. Customer shall not be entitled to cancel or change the terms of its Purchase Order arising from such delays unless such delays are caused by negligence of Finpo Electronic.


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